Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First in Defcon, Hacker Classes for Children

Defcon, the world-level conference for the hackers (hackers) held a Kids Defcon, hackers classes specifically for children. This performance is the first time in 19 years organizing Defcon.

Class discussions and tutorials are intended for children ages 8 to 16 years. Demand no less, 60 children attend classes that took place during the 6 to August 7, 2011 last. Defcon is itself a convention attended by some 10,000 hackers to share their knowledge about the techniques to penetrate and secure the computer and other devices.

In the event that was held in Las Vegas, USA, 4-7 August 2011, these children were divided into two classes. Here they met the veteran hackers, security experts from the Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. They also listened to the history of hacking and cryptography lesson.

The participants also had the opportunity to follow demonstrations and workshops with various themes such as learning to unlock the Masters, Google Hacking, Making Electronics, Social Engineering, Coding in Scratch and Communicating in Code. The committee provides work space for kids who want to participate in hacking activities, including codebreaking Museum, Makerbot and Hardware Hacking Station.

Children are welcome to participate in a hacking competition that was held specifically for them. One is the competition reveals the key to be used for example when they forget the key combination of storage cabinets. They are also challenged to find vulnerabilities in a number of devices, ranging from games to computer devices.

Race committee require that parents accompany children who follow this particular class. "Defcon Kids not childcare. Children are the responsibility of the parents so they must be accompanied throughout the session in both the classroom and work space," reads a warning in the official website Defcon Kids.

Participants of this particular class of mostly children who were born and raised in environments that are very familiar with the computer world. Some even already have a certificate in information technology. One of Xavier, a man 14 years already have two certificates in IT. Xavier is the son of Rey Ayers, 42, an information security specialist from one company in San Francisco, and won the Defcon.

To participate in this class, parents and children must have Defcon badge, which can be obtained at registration at a cost of $ 150.

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