Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google Plus Equipped Features Games

Not to be outdone by Facebook, Google also will add gaming features in Google's social networking service +. At this early stage already there are 16 games that can be enjoyed by users of these services including the very popular game Angry Birds.

"Today we begin to provide games on Google + gradually. We hope to use in Google + all the people in a short time," wrote Vic Gundotta, Google's Senior Vice President of Engineering, the company's official blog on Thursday (11/08/2011).

Additional features of this game is going to be a hard blow to Facebook, which had been panning for traffic from the gaming network. Among other artificial Farmville Zynga and Playfish's Restaurant City from Electronics Arts to use millions of users every month.

Moreover, Google keeps investment in Zynga. In the near future, Zynga Poker games are quite popular on Facebook also will be present on Google +. In addition, Google is inviting game developers who are interested in entering the game homemade by providing development page.

Since its launch last June 28, 2011, Google + is faster in expanding. Although the number of users than Facebook is far reaching hundreds of millions today, Google managed to reach 10 + million users within two weeks.

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