Thursday, August 04, 2011

Japanese Make Robots Can Thinking

Breakthrough successfully carried out by engineers at Japan's robots are very impressive. This time they managed to make robots capable of thinking and acting according to the condition.

The robot was made by Hasegawa Group, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Inside there is a feature called self-replicating neural network, which is technology that allows a robot to learn everything around him. So do not solely rely on orders from the manufacturer.

"So far, the robot successfully produced could only do a certain task. They can not adapt to the changing environment. In contrast with this robot, he knew only basic knowledge can then develop it," said Osamu Hasegawa, Associate Professor, Imaging Science and Engineering Lab , Tokyo Institute of Technology.

As quoted from Gadgethit, Thursday (04/08/2011), Hesegawa also cited a case where the robot is challenged to make the tea, but it is not included in the program.

"The robot will say 'I can not' but if we teach it, then he will gather all the information to do so," Hasegawa added.

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