Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Play Games Android Phone with Stik Playstation 3

An application for the Android phone made by the Dancing Pixel Studio allows users to connect the Playstation 3 sticks with their phones. Thus, the fun game play can be guaranteed because not all can enjoy playing games by touching a finger to the Android mobile phone screen.

The application is called Sixaxis Controller available in the Android Market and can be downloaded at a price of $1,5 . The application makers reasoned that the latest mobile phones with high-definition display will present a better playing experience so it needs to be balanced in a way that is also comfortable playing. During this time, some people are still not used to playing by touching the virtual buttons on touch screen phones.

Only, this application is not like other apps in the Android Market is live can be downloaded and then run away. One requirement is that the phone should already be root alias dioprek so that users can get full control of the phone even with the risk of warranty expire. Application developers reasoned that they use non-standard method of connecting the Playstation 3 sticks with the Android phone via bluetooth connection.

To ensure that mobile phones could have run this application, also released the Dancing Pixel Checker compability Sixaxis applications that can be downloaded for free.

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