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Waiting Google+ for Businesses

Google project Mega Plus (G +), but intended for individual users and the public, is planned to be used by businesspeople. While the G + features for business not exist, there are some creative ways for businesses to take advantage of G +.

On one occasion, Christian Oestlien, Google Plus Product Manager, said that although Google's main focus now is to optimize the user experience, but they also have several teams with the best developers who are developing a business version of Google +.

For business people or companies who are interested to try it, can register on Google + Entity Application Profile for the invitation. Simply fill in the information as accurate and complete as possible.

It is estimated that the business version will also be launched first with a system of invitation (invitation only) and in a limited trial period (Field Trial) as Google + for individual users and the public. Google will verify against him and if it finds that the profile is fake, then the membership will be suspended and threatened revoked.

Currently the use of social networking to support the activities of the company is increasing. From a survey of 100 companies that made Fortune magazine (Fortune 100), the percentage of companies using social networking is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blog) is 65%, 54%, 50% and 33%. The number of companies around the world who use social networking as well as the fourth is 20%, with 28% in the United States, 15% in Europe, and 25% in Asia.

Business version has an estimated range of features leading Sales and Marketing Analytics and Google Adwords are Rich and integrated with other Google applications and services. By Rich Analytics expected the company can analyze the data and information website (home page, web pages, visitors, visiting hours, and others) to make strategic decisions that optimize a web site can be achieved.

Level of sales, revenue and customer is expected to increase. Meanwhile, Adwords is a type of ads to be displayed to the right of search results when we use Google's search engine to look for something using a specific keyword.

Great hope that the Analytics business version will be more complete with administrative features for managing all the content is more friendly and easy to use, feature creation and addition of web pages are more numerous and varied.

Actually, Google has a business version of Google's display showed some time ago. Uniquely, which is displayed on the home page version of the business, not only information about the fans, but also information of employees and company management. Company's address can be displayed through Google Maps and Places.

Using Google Offers, the company can provide or offer special programs to consumers, customers, partners and other business partners. For plusser, Sparks feature can be used to obtain the latest information regarding a particular company.

Some other features that will most likely be available on the version of Google's business is meeting, Google and Google Whiteboard screencast. With Google's Meeting, the company can plan, conduct and document the conversation, text, and video during meetings or conferences held.

Meeting invitations can be created using Google Calendar, GMail and Google Chat. The display screen can be stored at meetings with Google screencast for the next meeting and may be disclosed to participants who could not attend.

For presentation purposes, making the Minutes of Meeting and other supporting documents shared during meetings, can use Google Whiteboard with Google Docs. Participants are able to provide notes on a virtual whiteboard and notes can be sent to other participants via email or Google +.

For those who hope in the business version, for a time could use the Google + accounts for a company that had owned. Some features that can be exploited by a new company (startup) micro and small scale or simple organization will be discussed below. Creativity is the key word.

Communication Activities Google+

Various communication content either text, sound and video can be accommodated. The form can be content for public consumption and private messages (private message) to the stream as well as email, chat with Google Chat and video conferencing with features Hangouts.

With the Circle feature, we can classify into one or several plusser Circle. A plusser can be in several Circle in a Circle and can accommodate several plusser. Plusser maximum amount that we can place it in the Circle and the maximum number of plusser in a Circle is the same that is 5000.

As an example implementation, we can make some of the Circle to existing departments and create a circle for an existing position (staff, officers, supervisors, managers and others). Because now the Circle is still private, where every plusser could only see Circlenya own, then the one with plusser Circle Circle plusser others should be the same.

Hangouts are the features that can be used free of charge to do video conferencing with business partners (distributors, dealers, retailers, suppliers, principals), headquarters, branch offices, as well as customers and other parties and available for free and without moderation. Maximum number of participants is 10 plusser.

If there plusser who feel disturbed, they can activate the mute feature. Video will automatically switch to plusser anyone who is speaking at the conference. Besides communication via chat is also possible during the conference.

Project Activities Google+

If the company is working on a project with the main activities, support activities, job listings, including who will do it in charge can be documented using the Circle.

Circle will be a "virtual workplace" with the features mentioned above as a medium of communication. Various working parties can comment and share with the maximum number of 500 comments and 1000 shares for each of his post.

Work Activities Google+

Work activities within the company can be delegated to specific departments and individuals. You do this by informing the work activity in the form of streams to a specific department using the Circle and also the name of the individual concerned, if necessary.

For those who accept such assignment and delegation can provide notification that the job information has been received, read and will be done. Job status can be informed on a regular basis to employers, colleagues and others using the comments feature and share.

Office Applications Google+

Products office applications Google is Google Docs, can be used to create documents, presentations and working papers as well as share with other colleagues. Although not yet fully integrated with Google +, this application can be used optimally.

While waiting for the launch of Google + business versions, some of the above features can be utilized first. Good luck!

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