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Couples Innovators 4 IT Companies Giant World

Duet Death of 4 Giant World IT

A number of IT companies which have now achieved success was born from its founders duet. Slick collaboration of both are given importance in corporate travel, but some are ultimately choose leave.

The four couples innovators IT industry  are selected is Hewlett & Packard (HP), Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Microsoft), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack (Apple) and Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google). Here are their stories are mixed from various sources:

1. Hewlett & Packard (HP)

HP has now become one of the world's IT giants. A series of product line controlled by a company from the United States, ranging from consumer to enterprise markets.

Judging from history, the name of the Hewlett Packard was born from the name of the two founders. They are William R. Hewlett and David Packard. That said, the selection of the company's name is determined from the 'fight' a coin toss to determine who is at the very front of the name. And yes the winners as we know it today.

Hewlett was born on May 20, 1913 in Ann Arbor, Mich., and known as a genius because received degrees from various universities. As a BA (Bachelor of Arts) from Stanford University, a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as an engineer also from Stanford.

As founder, he has also held various important positions. But since 1978, Hewlett quit from his post as Chief Executive Officer to then breathed his last on January 12, 2001, at age 87.

As David Packard - who died in 1996 - met with Hewlett while studying at Stanford University. Packard was born 7 September 1912 in Pueblo, Coloradi, and received a bachelor's degree from Stanford university in 1934.

In 1939, he founded the Hewlett and Hewlett Packard in the garage with initial capital of USD 538. Packard is known as someone who is skilled in managing the company, while Hewlett was in a position that gave rise to a variety of technological innovation. Both have proven successful collaboration led to HP in one of the top of the IT universe.

2. Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Microsoft)

Paul Allen's name for this is not as famous as Bill Gates. But Allen's position can not be released just in the history of the birth of the world software manufacturer, Microsoft.

Allen was born in Seattle, Washington, January 21, 1953 and is now known as the millionaire who likes to spend money. Allen has a super-luxury homes in France, including a villa in Cap Ferrat, London and an exclusive villa in New York.

The collection include a variety of genre paintings impressionist expensive sports cars, private jets to aircraft 'former' World War II. On the other side of the famous Allen as someone who did not much like publicity.

In addition, since leaving Microsoft in 1983, Allen was mentioned not get along with Bill Gates.

Bill Gates himself is currently ranked as the second richest man universe, under the Mexican telecom entrepreneur Carlos Slim. Gates is now okay to still served as Chairman of Microsoft, but its activity more precisely in the 'offsite'.

That is to manage the charitable organization he founded with his wife named Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While associated with Paul Allen, Gates seem more relaxed.

3. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple)

Like Microsoft, Apple also has a gap for the affairs of the popularity of its founder. Yes, you certainly know more about Steve Jobs than Steve Wozniak. Though both have a very important role in the birth of producers iPod, iPad, and the iPhone.

Jobs and Woz met first in 1971 when a friend introduced Woz who was then aged 21 years to Jobs who was then 16 years old.

New in 1976, they founded Apple Computer Co.. in the Jobs family garage. Personal computers were introduced Jobs and Woz given name Apple I. The computer was sold at a price of USD 666.66, a reference to the phone number of Wozniak's Dial-A-Joke machine, which ended in -6666.

In 1977, Jobs and Wozniak introduced the Apple II, which became a huge success in the home market and give Apple a big influence on the personal computer industry is still young.

Before the joint Jobs founded Apple, Woz is a hacker. Skill Woz's seen since he was a kid who loved to work especial algebra and mathematical algorithms.

While Jobs was admired for his skills and became a salesman to convince people topnotch, which is often dubbed the reality distortion field and this was evident when he gave the keynote speech.

Jobs also been recorded in the Guinness World Records book as the leader of the company with the lowest salaries (Lowest Paid Chief Executive Officer) after several years only paid USD 1 per year.

4. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google)

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were still a student at Stanford University. The company adheres to the philosophy of 'Do not be evil', and 'work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun', to describe a relaxed corporate culture.

Sergey Brin was born in Moscow, August 21, 1973. Born in Russia, Brin studied computer science and mathematics before founding Google.

She showed interest in the Internet and search engines shortly after he was accepted at Stanford. He wrote many papers that discuss the data-mining and pattern extraction. He also wrote software that can convert text to HTML for easy tasks.

Brin at Stanford's most important moment was when he met with Larry Page. That said, Page and Brin do not like each other when they first met in graduate computer science at Stanford University in 1995.

Until finally the two innovators found the same interests, namely to search for and find relevant information from large data set. Together, the pair then wrote a paper entitled 'The Anatomy of a Large-scale hypertextual Web search engine' is regarded as the seed for their careers.

While Larry Page was born in Lansing, Michigan, March 26, 1973. Page is a graduate of East Lansing High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters degree from Stanford.

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